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Heartrate (BPM) Example Matlab Code

This is the code I used in my youtube video at http://youtu.be/3tdumuwHgxc

% program to determine the BPM of an ECG signal

% count the dominant peaks in the signal (these correspond to heart beats)
% - peaks are defined to be sampels greater than their two nearest neighbours and greater than 1

beat_count = 0;
for k = 2 : length(sig)-1
    if(sig(k) > sig(k-1) & sig(k) > sig(k+1) & sig(k) > 1)
        %disp('Prominant peak found');
        beat_count = beat_count + 1;

% Divide the beats counted by the signal duration (in minutes)
fs = 100;
N = length(sig);
duration_in_seconds = N/fs;
duration_in_minutes = duration_in_seconds/60;
BPM_avg = beat_count/duration_in_minutes;
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