Basic Matlab GUI

Here is the code I used to create a basic matlab GUI without using GUIDE in the following youtube videos:
First Video: GUI Layout
Second Video: Object handles and Object Manipulation
Third Video: Callback Functions
Fourth Video: Finishing Touches

% Basic Graphical User Interface (GUI) without using GUIDE
% Available at

% There are three basic areas to understand:
%   1. Layout    (how to position objects on the GUI)
%   2. Handles to Objects (used to modify object properties)
%   3. Callback functions (used by User Interface Objects)

%create a figure to house the GUI

%create an annotation object 
ellipse_position = [0.4 0.6 0.1 0.2];
ellipse_h = annotation('ellipse',ellipse_position,...
                    'facecolor', [1 0 0]);
%create an editable textbox object
edit_box_h = uicontrol('style','edit',...
                    'units', 'normalized',...
                    'position', [0.3 0.4 0.4 0.1]);

%create a "push button" user interface (UI) object
but_h = uicontrol('style', 'pushbutton',...
                    'string', 'Update Color',...
                    'units', 'normalized',...
                    'position', [0.3 0 0.4 0.2],...
                    'callback', {@eg_fun,edit_box_h, ellipse_h });
%Slider object to control ellipse size
            'position',[0.1    0.2    0.08    0.25],...
            'callback',{@change_size,ellipse_h,ellipse_position });
            'position',[0    0.45    0.2    0.1],...
            'String','Ellipse Size')

%eg_fun code ---------------------------------------------------
%copy paste this code into a file called eg_fun.m
function eg_fun(object_handle, event)

%updated eg_fun used to demonstrate passing variables
%copy paste this code into a file called eg_fun.m
function eg_fun(object_handle, event, edit_handle, ellipse_handle)
    str_entered = get(edit_handle, 'string');
    if strcmp(str_entered, 'red')
        col_val = [1 0 0];
    elseif strcmp(str_entered, 'green')
        col_val = [0 1 0];
    elseif strcmp(str_entered, 'blue')
         col_val = [0 0 1];
        col_val = [0 0  0];
    set(ellipse_handle, 'facecolor', col_val);
%change_size code --------------------------------------------------
%copy paste this code into a file called change_size.m
function  change_size(objHandel, evt, annotation_handle, orig_pos)
    slider_value = get(objHandel,'Value');
    new_pos = orig_pos;
    new_pos(3:4) = orig_pos(3:4)*slider_value;
    set(annotation_handle, 'position', new_pos)
  1. alex
    September 16, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Realy nice tutorium. You explane that realy helpful step for step.
    I like your videos on youtube. They helped me realy in some difficult situations at work.

    May thanks and do more such videos

  2. May 22, 2016 at 4:16 am

    Thank you for your help in my class. I had to make a GUI for my programming class without using guide and these videos and other such videos have really helped let me do many things.

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